Tyger Greenleaf

Model, Photographer,

Graphic Designer, Social Networker

Windsor, Ont., Canada



I am Tyger. Nice to meet you!
I'm all those titles you see above, plus some. I'm very outgoing and active. I love travelling and trying new things. I'm very outspoken and artsy!


I do things such as:

Fine art, Body Paint, Regular and Dark Glamor, Casual, Cosplay, Urban Decay, fetishy bondage, nudes, and partial nudes. If I have not mentioned something, you can always ask.


Body Modifications:

  • Two piercings on left and one on right ear.

  • Lip in the middle

  • Left nipple pierced

  • RHCP tattoo on back upper right shoulder

  • My Dunny on my left outer ankle.

Photo by: Cowboy Dave Photography